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Argent ViewMagic

Argent’s revolutionary new ViewMagic lets you create your own Instant Dashboards, showing ALL your critical servers and devices that you can create, design and control. No more to’ing and fro’ing on countless WebEx sessions or phone calls — now you can create unlimited Instant Dashboards. Simple, quick and revolutionary in its power. Map SNMP counters […]

Value Mappings Argent ViewMagic

All numerical values can be mapped to another value, or text string. For example, if the Interface Status of a Cisco device is ‘3’, this isn’t particularly useful for a human. Mapping the value of ‘3’ to, say, ‘Disconnnected’, and ‘2’ to ‘In Use’, is far more informative. Mappings are grouped into Mapping Sets. Each […]

Editing Playback Date

By default, each View shows live, current data. Customers can change the Playback Date to see what it looked like on a certain date and time — e.g. a historical snapshot This allows customers to see “What happened last night at 10 p.m.?” or “What was the trend two weeks ago for my disk space?” […]

Editing Rotation Playlist

The rotation playlist allows customers to include/exclude different Views into a Playlist, and transition from one View to the next after a defined number of seconds (defined by the View Rotation Seconds field) Click on the Options Icon and choose Edit Rotation Playlist Drag and drop between the ‘Available‘ and ‘Included In Playlist‘ sections. The […]

Editing An Existing View

After creating a ViewMagic View, customers can return to Edit Mode to modify the Views, or duplicate them. Use the pulldown menu to choose the View that needs to be edited. Click on the Options Icon and choose Edit Current Design The View will now enter Edit Mode, allowing customers to drag-and-drop, edit properties, or […]

Creating A New View

Creating a new ViewMagic View is simple and straightforward — here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a simple View. Click on the Options Icon and choose Create New Design Starting off with a brand new View, a single Pane will be shown: Click on the Options Icon above the Pane, and choose Insert Pane A […]

Row Types

Independent Row This is the basic row type — this row type represents a single node. Enumerated Nodes from Monitoring Group Let’s say a customer has 12 nodes to add as individual rows in a Table. The customer could either create 12 Independent Rows manually, or create a single, special row, with the Row Type […]

Column Types

Text Allows any text to be displayed, along with %VARIABLES% that can be added via a pull-down menu. The %VARIABLES% are straight-forward and intuitive — e.g. %NODE_NAME% or %INSTANCE%, etc. Hovering over a text field always shows the actual Node Name for the row. Sparkline Sparklines fetch Argent Predictor data so customers can quickly identify […]


ViewMagic uses straightforward and intuitive design concepts, enabling customers to create their own Views in a matter of minutes. Each of the building blocks used in constructing a View has specific names, as follows: Click For Full Size Each View can have one or more Panes Each Pane can have one or more Tables Each […]