KBI 3121623 Log Zip Files Are Missing From LOGS Directory


Argent Cloud Scheduler


Monday, 18 March 2024


Argent Cloud Scheduler log zip files are not found even after running for 24 hours

Technical Background

Argent Cloud Scheduler log zip files are not found in the LOGS directory even after running continuously for 24 hours:

This can be caused by the value of time period setting in LDR_CENTRAL_CONTROL_HOUSEKEEPING.TXT

The default value of this setting is 7 days and in that case the log zip files will be retained for 7 days by housekeeping.

If the value of the setting is 1 day, then housekeeping will delete the log zip files after 1 day

Additional reasons for the deletion of the log zip file after a 24-hour execution period include:
• Manual deletion performed by a user
• Deletion triggered by workflow automation tools such as Argent Job Scheduler
• Deletion initiated by monitoring tools like Argent Advanced Technology or Argent Omega