Argent Commander Configuration Tool

All information critical to Argent Commander is stored in a series of XML files.

Take for instance ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML — this file holds encrypted data on the Argent XT and Argent AT service account, account password, the main engine hostname, and database connection details.

What happens if we decide to change the service account and password later on?

Or, what if I only had Argent XT at the time of installation, but now I’ve recently installed Argent AT and would like to integrate it within Argent Commander?

In older releases, this would constitute a re-install in order to re-generate a new ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML file.

However, Argent Commander now has a tool that reproduces the same screens as the initial setup, with the net result of updating the ARGSOFT_CONFIGURATION.XML for you — quickly and painlessly.

Of course, before using this tool, you are strongly encouraged to make a quick backup of all XML files in the Argent\ArgentCommander\XML folder.