Argent Commander Console

The Argent Commander Console provides a full list of all events and alerts for servers you have access to.

In Argent Commander 1307-A or above, Argent Commander’s “Console” page has been enhanced with the following features:

  • Full-screen width utilization
  • Filters can be shown/hidden
  • Event Details pane can be shown/hidden
  • All columns are sortable and resizable
  • “Auto-fit” feature for columns, to ensure all columns fit on the current screen width
  • Better color-coding for unanswered, answered and resolved events
  • Customers can see the number of events that have been batch-loaded on the screen — (“Showing X of Y”)
  • Speed improvements

As a proof of concept of just how much screen real-estate can be utilized, this is the Argent Commander Console when all panes and options are minimized or hidden:


Multiple filters can be applied to filter by Relator names, Rule names, Time Range, Event Masks, Monitoring Groups, etc.

You can also choose to list only Argent XT events, only Argent AT events, or both.

The Preview Event Descriptions checkbox determines whether you want to see a short description of the issue under each row — allowing you to quickly scan through events that are of particular interest without clicking on each one.

The filters pane can be hidden or shown by clicking on the filter header bar.


Clicking on an event will display the event details, and if you have the Answer/Edit Events privilege, you’ll be able to answer or unanswer events, set events into Maintenance Mode, add comments into the Memo Notes, etc.

Customers can also select multiple events at once and unanswer/answer/resolve the events in one shot, instead of manually changing the status of each alert one by one.

(Note: The first checkbox in the header row efffectively means “check all” )

Holding down SHIFT while clicking on a checkbox allows a range of events to be selected.