Enterprise Page

Argent Commander’s Enterprise view provides you with a macroscopic view of your enterprise. Argent Commander’s strength lies in taking the power of Argent AT and Argent XT, and condensing all of this critical information into “command modules”:

The Enterprise page sports a tree view of all nodes (1307-A or above). The tree remains persistent while the right-hand pane loads the data.

The tree pane can be shown or hidden — this is a saved setting for each user

The tree has the following features:

* Resizable panes

* Search for nodes

* Grouping the tree into different views: Node Type, Node Name (alphabetic), Monitoring Group and Date Added

Each node also shows its Alert Status, and has sub-branches that show all Rules and saved Argent Predictor counters that pertain to the node — these pages can also be individually drilled-down

For users who have privileges to access the Maintenance Schedules, a calendar icon will be visible next to each node, which brings up the Maintenance Schedules manager:

Argent Commander’s tree interface also allows customers to list and drill-down into Rules and Argent Predictor Data related to each node:

Argent Predictor Data

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The benefit, of course, is that customers can now learn everything about the node within just a few mouse-clicks.

Each item in the tree can be drilled-down to get useful information such as the ‘Last Run Time’ of a Rule, and dashboards of the last Argent Predictor value, last time-stamp, average values, and graphs over the past one hour or past 24-hours.

Here are some of the modules available for the Enterprise page:

Alerts By Criticality – All

Alerts By Criticality is a matrix of the count of all alerts in your enterprise, giving you a fairly good indication of whether Alerts are being answered or responded to.

The Security Manager also takes effect here — where the count only made against servers and devices the current user has access to.

Argent Clock

This module is a real-time analog clock. Choose between two styles to see your local time.

Last X Events – All

This module provides a list of the last X events or Alerts in your enterprise. Again, all security features apply — only events that correspond to allowed nodes are shown.

You can click on an event to view the details in a separate popup.

Licensed Servers

This module provides a birds-eye view of your enterprise, or at least the nodes that you have access to (as defined by the Argent Commander Administrators).

The list is taken from the licensed servers — not the master list in the Master Catalog or CMDB-X.

You can filter the list by SuperConsole and/or Monitoring Groups.

You can also toggle between showing nodes that are in Argent XT, nodes that are in Argent AT, or both.

The columns are sortable, and the sort order (descending, ascending) can be adjusted by clicking on the column again.

Clicking on any row will take you into the Device Drill-down Page.

If you have the Add/Edit Maintenance Schedule privilege, you will be able to click into the View Schedule link to add or edit maintenance schedules for servers.

Node/Monitoring Group Lookup (1307-A or above)

This module provides a fast and accurate method of looking up nodes and which Monitoring Groups they belong under

Alternatively, customers can look-up a Monitoring Group to return all the nodes that belong to the Monitoring Group

This is perfect for nested Monitoring Groups, Monitoring Groups with custom queries, or even trying to remember whether node X is in Monitoring Group Y.