Argent Hogs Benefits and Features

How can an administrator know who is consuming the bandwidth of the organization?

How can the specific user and machine be determined?

How can the consumption be classified into good and bad?

How can applications or devices that are consuming most of the bandwidth be determined?

Argent Hogs monitors and analyses network traffic by capturing NetFlow data from Cisco routers. The captured NetFlow data is analysed and categorised to identify which users, applications, machines and departments are top consumers of bandwidth.

Argent’s patented technology to pinpoint top users of bandwidth is a unique feature. Intelligent IP mapping, categorization of IPs from Very Good to Very Bad, country-wise traffic analysis and department-wise bandwidth utilization helps to solve network slowdowns proactively. (All strings ‘Very Good’, etc can be customized by the customer, as can Top X.)

All data is presented using user-friendly charts in a slick, drag and drop, customizable Web User Interface (WUI).

A demo site for Argent Hogs is available at

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