Affinity Parameters

There are three options for Affinity on the Argent Job Scheduler’s Job Server Group screen (J20C):

  • First Available Server
  • All Servers Specified Above
  • Least-busy Server (Lowest CPU)

First Available Server:

This option, as the name implies, means that if a job is submitted and there are multiple Argent Queue Engines from which to choose,

then the first server which has an available queue will process the job.


You have two Argent Queue Engines defined in the order of: ATLANTA1 and ATLANTA2. Each Argent Queue Engine has one queue, and each queue is defined to run a maximum of 10 jobs. If a job is submitted and ATLANTA1 has only 9 jobs running, ATLANTA1 will run the next job.

If ATLANTA1 is already running 10 jobs, then and only then will ATLANTA2 run the next job – provided ATLANTA2 has not exceeded its predefined maximum job limit. (If both queue engines are saturated, the job is held pending until one of the two queue engines can accept the new job.)

If the order of the two Argent Queue Engines is reversed, so ATLANTA2 is specified first, then the above logic is also reversed.

With this option, the Argent Job Scheduler starts at the top of list of Argent Queue Engines and then proceeds down the list until an available Argent Queue Engine is found.

All Servers Specified Above:

This option, as the name implies, will cause a job to be submitted to all Argent Queue Engine servers that are specified. Selecting this option will cause the job to run multiple times if there are multiple available Argent Queue Engines defined in the list.


Your company has two locations, one in London, one in New York. Each location has its own Argent Queue Engine. If you specify both Argent Queue Engines, then this job will be submitted to both locations.

Least-busy Server (Lowest CPU):

This option allows a job to be submitted to the Argent Queue Engine server with the lowest CPU utilization at the time the job is being submitted.

The Argent Job Scheduler gets the current CPU load for each defined Argent Queue Engine, and then selects the least busy server at the time of job submission.