Command-line Options

Command-line interpreters allow various commands to be issued in a very efficient (and often terse) way. Argent includes a complete set of commands to programmatically control the Argent Queue Engine. Each command uses a unique set of qualifiers, or switches.

Qualifiers begin with the forward slash character ( / ).

Many qualifiers can specify values, specified after an equals sign. These values are all unique to the syntax of the command being used. For example, to specify the NIGHTLY Queue:


Some values like the Description often contain spaces. To specify a value containing a blank or space, enclose the entire value in quotes, as in the following example:


Qualifiers do not need to be spelled out in full. You only need to provide enough characters to make a qualifier unique. For example, save yourself some typing by using the following:


instead of


There is also syntax usage information available for each command reference using the help switch ( /? ). For example, to display the switches and syntax of the QSUBMIT command,