Job Control Panel

The Argent Job Scheduler has a GUI interface called the Job Control Panel. Most customers use this interface to manage their jobs.

It includes the Quick Access Toolbar for commonly accessed areas of the Job Control Panel, File drop down menus, a Status Bar and most importantly, a view of the current schedule of jobs.

The Quick Access Toolbar offers the following:

  • Exit Product – This close the GUI Job Control Panel while the service remains running in the background.

  • Refresh All – This refresh the GUI with the latest information from the database backend.

  • Submit Job to Schedule – This submits the highlighted Job Template to the schedule.

  • Validate job templates – This ensures the Argent Job Scheduler has access to the job file of the highlighted job.

  • Connect to Queue Engine – This establishes the connection to remote Queue Engine.

  • Execute Manual Job Rollover – This prompts for the initiation of a manual rollover process. Normally the rollover process is handled by the Scheduling service, but this can be used to resubmit a large number of Job Templates to the schedule.

  • Global Queue Engine Settings – This sets the Queue Engine configuration settings for multiple Queue Engines across the enterprise environment.

  • Archive Jobs – This prompts for initiating the Archiving of Jobs from the current schedule.

  • Archived Jobs – This allows for viewing previously archived jobs.

  • Configuration Options – This is a shortcut into the Job Scheduler Configuration Options panel.

  • Reports – This is a shortcut into the Job Schedulers reporting area.

  • Service Management – This is a shortcut into the Service Management area where you can start or stop the Scheduling service

  • Argent Instant Help – This accesses Argent’s Instant Help support chat sessions.

  • About – This displays the installed version information.

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