Overview And Sample Installations

Simple Single Installation

The illustration below shows a sample installation of the Argent Job Scheduler. In the example, there is a single, central Argent Scheduler and three remote Queue Engines. Each Argent Queue Engine runs the jobs on its corresponding server submitted from the Argent Scheduler.

Multiple Installation

The example below shows a somewhat more complex environment. This example contains two installations (one in Development, the other in Production). The Customer has the freedom to select which environment he wants to work with.

This type of installations is extremely advantageous when jobs need to be completely tested first and then migrated over to production facilities.

Advanced Installation

As the diagram below shows, much more complex installations are possible. The illustration shows several local queue engines in the HOUSTON office, but one remote queue engine in Honolulu – with the presence of firewalls in the way.

No longer does the administrator in Houston need to use remote desktop to access jobs on a remote server as they would with Windows Task Scheduler… All job management can be done from one location.