Argent Queue Engine

Argent Job Scheduling consists of two products: the Argent Scheduler and the Argent Queue Engine. Both products consist of a service and a GUI client. The normal installation will configure a server and use the service account.

The Argent Queue Engine is installed on all servers where jobs run – the Argent Queue Engine runs the actual jobs, the Argent Scheduler submits the jobs to one or more Argent Queue Engines for execution; the Argent Scheduler does not run jobs.

The client GUI for the Argent Queue Engine is used to optionally control jobs in just one Argent Queue Engine server at a time. In contrast, the Argent Scheduler GUI shows all jobs for all Argent Queue Engine servers on a single screen.

Because the Argent Queue Engine service runs in the background, it requires an account to “log in”. This account must have administrative privileges; the tasks being performed by this account are usually reserved to Administrators.

On the other hand, the Argent Queue Engine GUI client installs only files necessary to connect to a control database.

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