Creating Exit Code Files Using Argent_CC

You can use the Argent_CC.exe utility in your batch jobs to generate an exit code that the Argent Queue Engine can read, to determine if the job completed successfully according to your specifications.

Here is an example of using the Argent_CC.exe utility in a batch job.





This will cause the job to create an exit of 4 if the job completes successfully.

When you configure the job template, check the Use exit code file option in the Advanced tab.

You could then have Argent take actions based on the returned exit code. In this example, you could go to the Limits tab of the job definition template, and configure it to trigger an alert if the exit code does not equal 4.

After running the job, you can right-click the completed job in the Main Schedule Screen and choose the option View Job Log.

Here is what the job log file looks like. Notice how it created an exit code of 4 based on the Argent_CC.exe job script: