Critical Configuration Settings

This section highlights some Job Scheduler configuration settings that can be critically important in production environments

System Options

Home Path, Database, ODBC Setup

The values for these three prompts can only be changed during upgrade and installation processing. Changing the value of the Home Path, for example, can disrupt production environments by making it impossible for the Argent Job Scheduler to find installed components of the product.

Changing the ODBC definition, for example, does not result in migration of database tables from an older database to a newer database. Changing the ODBC can only be successfully performed as part of a comprehensive database migration strategy assisted by trained and experienced Argent Support and technical professionals.

Changing these values directly using the J1P display is not supported. These values can only be changed on the advice of trained and experienced Argent support and technical professionals.

Job Control Panel Options

Show Warning Message on Delete

Checking this option instructs Job Scheduler to present a confirmation dialog when Job Scheduler definitions are deleted. When this option is un-checked, this important confirmation dialog is suppressed. Argent strongly recommends leaving this option checked.

Email Options

Email options should only be changed during an outage period when the Argent Job Scheduler and the Argent Queue Engine are both quiesced, and all Job Scheduler and Queue Engine services have been ended.

Changing e-mail configuration options while the Job Scheduler or Queue Engine is active is not supported. Changing this option while the Job Scheduler or Queue Engine is active could result in important alert messages failing to reach intended recipients.


Customers should review usage of the Job Scheduler Control Panel (GUI) and grant access only to users authorized to make changes. Starting or stopping the Job Scheduler Scheduling Engine service, for example, should only made available to authorized operators and administrators.

Job List

Prior to the Argent Job Scheduler version 7.0A-0801-J, the “Shows Jobs Externally Submitted” option exhibited errant behavior that could result in large numbers and volumes of files accumulating in the C:\ARGENT\QueueEngine\JobDef directory. While this issue has been addressed, Customers using a version of the Argent Job Scheduler prior to version 7.0A-0801-J must leave this option unchecked.

Service Restart

The “Run service in single-thread mode ” option must never be checked. This option is obsolete and is no longer supported by the product. Checking this option could result in disruptions for production Job Scheduler environments.

Historically, Microsoft has delivered extremely poor and/or marginal support for controlling service programs. This configuration display originally attempted to provide configurability, management, and control in scenarios where Microsoft’s Windows Service Control Manager (SCM) behaved errantly or not at all.

Customers experiencing misbehavior such as “The Argent Job Scheduler continues to run smoothly, but I can not stop or re-start the Windows servicemust contact Argent Support for assistance.

Customer must not change the values on this display except on the advice of trained and experienced Argent Support and technical professionals.

Backup Node

Changes to this display are only supported during setup and installation. Changes to the values on this display can only be made at the direction of trained and experienced Argent Support and technical professionals.

Rollover and Archiving

Argent strongly recommends that customer leave rollover processing values at their configured defaults. Argent does not recommend changing the time or the periodicity of rollover processing.

Rollover processing should be executed daily at midnight.

Other values can cause confusion about the definition of a “production day” and can cause non-expert Job Scheduler users to become concerned.


This configuration display is provided as a way for customer to update and renew their license agreements with Argent. Changes to this display should only be made on the advice of trained and experienced Argent Support and technical professionals.