Starting Queue Engines Manually

Starting Queue Engine Manually

As part of the installation process, a message is printed toward the end that indicates the directory path that should be added to the PATH variable of root and any other user using the QE utilities. Once root’s PATH variable has been set properly, the administrator can start or stop the Queue Engine manually.

# PATH=$PATH:/opt/ARGTqe/bin

# qsystem -x

Started Argent Queue Engine

# qsystem -k

Shutting down QE Service

Creating Queues

The qcreate utility is used to create a queue. In order to create a queue the user must have permission granted in order to do so. The Queue Engine checks the user ID of a qcreate command against the entries found in the que_creator.allow file. This file can be found in the dbf directory found in the installation directory of the Queue Engine executable. The administrator should create this file use it to hold the names of the users permitted to create queues. The following command prints the contents of the file, as it exists on this system.

# cat /opt/ARGTqe/que_creator.allow



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