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The Argent Job Scheduler allows users to launch, control and monitor jobs submitted by the Argent Job Scheduler running in the queue engine server.

The Argent Job Scheduler is an enterprise-wide batch job scheduling system for production W200x/UNIX/iSeries/SAP environments. Argent Job Scheduler centralizes control of all batch jobs submitted to W200X and UNIX Queue Engines, iSeries Job Adapter and SAP system across the enterprise. It supports scheduling with job dependencies, file dependencies, time dependencies, and job chaining. It triggers alerts via common applications – Lotus Notes/Domino, Exchange, alphanumeric pagers, beepers, SMS messaging etc. Argent Job Scheduler uses a powerful macro facility to create complex alerts.

The Argent Job Scheduler has full time-zone support, complete job dependencies across local and wide area networks, full job tracking, CPU limits, ad hoc and repetitive job generation, full post-job generation and post-job processing that indicates job submission, pager and beeper support, as well as Exchange and Email macro facility. It can also be integrated with Argent Console, the world’s leading alerting console. In addition, a complete forecasting engine and cross-reference reports utility are built into the Argent Job Scheduler.