Security AJS

Argent has a very granular and highly definable security setup. It utilizes the security infrastructure contained within Windows to enforce security settings.

By default, all jobs submitted via the Argent Scheduler are run under the context of the Default account. This account is specified in Configuration Options within the Argent Queue Engine and by default it is the same as the service account. While this facilitates testing and will be appropriate for most networks, your security needs may be more stringent.

There are four levels of security available that work together to provide a total security solution.

The four levels of security include:


Local Administrators permissions will override any security set for the Argent Scheduler or the Argent Queue Engine. This is designed to prevent an Administrator from being “locked” out.

If the Domain Administrators group is added to the local group these users will also inherit the Local Administrators permission level.

By default any member of Local Administrators or Domain Administrators is considered an System Administrator of Argent Job Scheduler. This can be modified using specific registry settings. Contact Argent Support for details.

See Also: KBI-220152: Setting Administrator Privileges For The Argent Job Scheduler