KBI 312185 Highlight Instance That Exceeds Threshold In Performance Report


Argent Omega 2.2A-2404-B or later


Monday, 24 June 2024


Performance Reports in Argent Reporter are usually used to display key performance counters side by side in tabular format.

A typical usage is to show the latest disk space usage for all machines in the network.

When there are more than 100 machine and drive combinations, it is difficult to spot the drives with critical low free disk spaces.

Argent Reporter 2.2A-2404-B has been enhanced to allow specifying thresholds in the format of ‘< nnnn’ and ‘> nnnn’.

When the instance value is over or under thresholds, the value is displayed with pink background.

Technical Background



Upgrade to Argent Omega 2.2A-2404-B or later