Performance Top X Tables

Performance Top X Tables display the Top X instances across all selected servers

Only one counter can be selected, but filters can be applied

Argent Reports scans through all instances of the counter (e.g. A counter would be ‘LogicalDisk’ and instances would be ‘C:’ or ‘D:’, etc.)

The values can then be sorted by Ascending or Descending order, depending on the counter

Include Report Parameters

This option hides or shows the blue box in the report that shows the time zone, time range, special parameters and nodes

Include Visualization Bars For Percentage Metrics

Adds a horizontal bar next to each item to see the relative difference between each of the Top X metrics – only applicable to percentage-based metrics

Graph Options

Graphs can be added for each of the Top X nodes – the options are identical to those found in the Argent Reports Graphs article