Argent AT Mother/Daughter Architecture

Argent AT’s Mother/Daughter architecture is the architecture of choice for distributed enterprise networks.

Mother/Daughter addresses the following issues, which are all related to the nature of restricted bandwidth and/or unreliable connections between geographic locations:

  • In the case that the connection to the main office is not available, remote offices should be monitored continuously.
  • In the case where too much bandwidth is used when monitoring a remote office directly from the main engine.

There are also significant improvements over the Argent XT counterpart.

The features are listed as follows:

  • Wide range of real SQL back-ends are available for Daughters:

       SQL Server

       SQL Server Express


       SQL Server Compact

       MS Access

    The reliability over Codebase used in Argent XT is greatly increased.

    Note: SQL Server Compact is a service-less SQL Server. It is recommended for production if SQL Server is not available, or if users do not want to manage a SQL Server, or if the Daughter site is small to medium.

  • Daughter Motor implementations are available. Combined with SQL Server mirroring or clustering, Daughter implementations can now have the same strength in reliability and scalability as the Main Engine.
  • Daughters can OPTIONALLY save a copy of the Argent Predictor data of the local Daughter site. This is very useful for ISP customers who have clients who want to do their own local reporting.
  • Much improved central management including Daughter configuration, downloading service logs of Daughters/Trusted Agents, and internal performance data for Mother/Daughter Supervising Engines.
  • Tight integration with Argent Alert Executors, which also function as Backup Consoles
  • Simpler logic to determine the implied Monitoring Engine when {Dynamic} selection is used.