Argent AT Trusted Agents

Trusted Agents are the same as remote engines in Argent XT products. Trusted Agents are the workhorses who do the heavy lifting and monitoring work on a remote machine.

Trusted Agents can be “pushed” out to a particular server from the Main engine or can be installed using the installation package.

Pushing Out

  • To install a Trusted Agent on any server, go to the Control Information tab and open the “Administration” -> “Trusted Agents” leaf in the folder structure.
  • Right click and select “New Trusted Agent”
  • The next dialog box will prompt for all relevant information needed to push put the agent.

NOTE: Full administrative and remote access privileges to the remote server are required to complete this.

Remote Installation

Argent Trusted Agents use the following TCP Ports to communicate to the Main server:

3209        Argent Defender

3309        Argent for SharePoint

3409        Argent for Exchange

The entire install package is required to carry out a remote installation. The Argent AT installation package can be downloaded from

  • Extract the ZIP file to a local folder location. Then locate and run SETUP.exe
  • Click “Next” on the following screen and the EULA will be presented.
  • Setup will continue once you select “I Accept The Agreement” and click “Next”
  • The next screen will allow you to select the products and components you want to install. Select the “Trusted Agent” option in the drop down list.
  • The next screen will prompt for the Service information. This is also where the Main Engine hostname is required.

    If you wish to run the Trusted Agent service under the Local System credentials, then simply input any credential information in here and then change it using the Windows Services MMC console.

    An option to use Only TCP/IP is also present. This is recommended, as Named Pipes will be used otherwise.

  • The Trusted Agent will automatically establish a connection with the Main Engine, and will appear within the Trusted Agent folder on the Main Engine GUI.