Argent Atlas

Argent’s Atlas product is the world’s first open CMDB-X.

For the first time, you can quickly and easily build a complete CMDB-X for your worldwide environment.

No more wondering about servers and devices — Argent’s Atlas product provides a wide array of discovery technologies, so no device is left behind.

Easy, quick, and complete, that’s Argent’s Atlas.

Argent is the first leading vendor to provide you with a complete and documented CMDB-X – full ODBC table definitions, full documentation, and Total Support – ask Microsoft if they provide their tables with their products, or BMC, or HP.

Argent is open, supporting all popular databases – SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, even Access.

With Argent you get to see completely inside your CMDB-X, no more guessing and no more finger pointing between vendors.

Because Argent’s CMDB is extensible – that’s the X in CMDB-X – you get an infinitely expandable CMDB, right out of the box.

Argent gives you a complete CMDB in hours, not months.

With Argent’s Atlas you get a complete web-based discovery interface.

Of course the Argent Atlas is compatible with all versions and releases of .NET, just like all Argent products.

With the Argent Atlas, now you can build the CMDB-X you need to properly satisfy all compliance regulations, and take a huge step toward Total Process Automation.

Open, documented, stable, efficient and with Argent’s famed technical support – that’s Argent’s Atlas.