Argent BoardRoom

Different customers have different needs. Management overviews are essential for CIOs, managers and administrators to quickly assess the status of their enterprise, and to be able to drill down with three or four mouse clicks. While many products provide managers with “customizable” interfaces — these interfaces are limited to the design and scope of the product’s architect.

The Argent BoardRoom revolutionizes this concept by providing a scalable and customizable facility to condense valuable enterprise and management overviews into a single centralized location.

The greatest benefit of the Argent BoardRoom is that any product, or program, or intranet app,
or web site, or existing GUI, can be integrated within Argent BoardRoom in minutes.

Within the context of Argent products, the Argent Console, Argent SuperMaps, Argent Dashboards, Argent Reports, and Argent Graphs can be displayed and customized into a single screen of information.

The Argent BoardRoom consists of the following basic elements:

  • Registered DLLs

    Defines the Argent BoardRoom interfaces and logic

  • BoardRoom Screens

    Defines the control information used for the Argent BoardRoom interfaces

  • Playlists

    Plays multiple screens sequentially