Argent Desktop

Argent Desktop User Guide

Argent Desktop takes command line arguments to display one screen or playlist with optional splash screen.

argsoft_boardroom2.exe [/screen:screen_name | /playlist:playlist_name] [/splash:splash_bitmap_file_path]

This allows user to create his desktop shortcuts to start various console applications. For example, Argent Advanced Technology (AT) installs a default shortcut to start the event console:

argsoft_boardroom2.exe /screen:”AT Enterprise Console”

Argent Advanced Technology (AT) main GUI provides a toolbar button to start the Argent Desktop. User can customize the command line arguments on the Product GUI Setting screen (C7A).

Though Argent Desktop only specifies the start-up screen, it is limited to displaying only that screen. Within screen property, user can specify the double-click-and-jump-to screen. In that way, user can design the Argent Desktop instance to have a sequence of screens to navigate. Of course, another option is to start a playlist and manually navigate within the playlist.

Appendix – Argent BoardRoom Monitor Console Screens

    Argent BoardRoom has following built-in monitor console screens:

  • Argent Console
  • Argent Event List
  • Argent SuperMap
  • Argent Ticker

The screens are designed to display Argent Console events. The console screen in individual product shows events from that product only. In the other hand, Argent BoardRoom Monitor Console can display events from all products. This makes it ideal for Operator Console for Argent Advanced Technology.

When designing the screen, user is allowed to specify the product as the event source. When ‘Argent Advanced Technology 2.x’ is selected, the events are from ALL AT products including Argent for Exchange, Argent for SharePoint, Argent Defender and other products to be implemented in the near future.