SQL Query Viewer

The SQL Query Viewer is extremely useful for displaying important information from critical database tables. Any database that has an OLE DB driver or ODBC driver installed can be accessed.

This powerful facility enables customers to merge formally disparate sources of data into a single coherent presentation.

The actual SQL query itself can also be defined in any way that you like:

To customize the control information of a particular frame, right-click on the frame and select Design Currently Selected Frame.

You can easily change the SQL Query to execute, as well as the credentials required to access the database.

Virtual ADO Scrolling provides better performance for large result sets, but only works with high-end databases such as Microsoft SQL Server that support the AD keyset cursor type.

To change the database connection itself, click on the browse button to the right of Connection String.

A dialog will appear allowing you to select the OLE DB provider, as well as the connection parameters: