Examples BoardRoom

With the Argent BoardRoom — the combinations of enterprise views are endless.

Here are a few examples:

My Enterprise

Stay on top of events in your enterprise as well as events in the real world…

Note the navigation icons at the top, which can be toggled on or off to give you maximum control.

IT Help Desk

While events are being tracked, keep tabs on key informative web sites. Add in a real-time CPU usage dashboard, and an Argent Ticker to stay on top of critical performance metrics.

Corporate Indicators

Put together your most critical reports onto one screen to stay on top of problematic performance metrics and to analyze trends.

Argent Products

Interact with the Argent BoardRoom by double-clicking on the different frames to launch your critical Argent products.

My Applications

Place your frequently used applications on one screen. When an event occurs, conveniently access your servers remotely with a simple double-click.

Overview Rotation

Use Playlists to automatically rotate between your key screens, along with interactive double-clicks to expand on specific screens when required: