A Playlist allows you to rotate between different Argent BoardRoom Screens at a fixed interval. The rotation goes on forever until the user intervenes.

Argent’s Playlist technology enables customers to have a large and diverse amount of data be presented on an unlimited number of screens, while ensuring that no single screen is crowded.

The CIO can have a series of top level Argent BoardRoom screens that rotate horizontally presenting management data, while in the Network Operations Center (NOC) a different series of Argent BoardRoom screens can be rotated in turn on 50-inch LCD screens showing the complete worldwide status of the enterprise.

To add a screen to the Playlist, select the screen under Available Screens You Can Add, and click on the add button.

To remove a screen from the Playlist, select the screen under Current Screens, and click on the red X button.

You can also change the order of rotation by using the up and down arrows.

The Display Time property specifies how many seconds to display the specified screen.

Once a Playlist is configured, you can have it run continuously by clicking on the play icon at the top, or conversely, you can simply double-click the definition name in the tree.

After playing the Playlist, the screens will maximize to full screen and rotate at the specified intervals.

To stop the sequence, right-click and select Toggle Full Screen. Alternatively, you can press the F11 shortcut key.

To go back to the definitions, right-click and select the Stop And Go To Playlist Definition option, or press the F10 shortcut key.