Dependencies And Argent

AT Products

Argent Monitoring Products can monitor their enterprise network intelligently by using the device status provided by Argent Enterprise.

When the Argent Monitoring Product service starts, it first checks if Argent Enterprise is installed. If so, it logs following line in the service log.

Users can turn off the coupling between Argent Monitor Product with Argent Enterprise for a Relator by unchecking the optionUse Network Real-Time Status For Rule Pre-requisites And Root Cause Analysis.

When Argent Enterprise is available, the following logic is used to run the Relator.

Users can verify that target machine is skipped by checking relator trace log.

When the Argent Monitoring Product engine finds a down node, it checks the Network Real-Time Status to see if the issue is caused by the down switch. If so, the correct root cause will be reported.

Also, Argent Console is designed in the way that only one event per minute is reported for down nodes sharing the same root cause. By this way, user wont be flooded with tons of message because of a down switch.