Installation of Argent Enterprise

Installing Argent Enterprise

 Argent Enterprise is a recommended but optional component when installing Argent AT products. Argent AT installation does NOT require Argent Enterprise to function. But with Argent Enterprise, AT functionality and reliability can be elevated to the next level.

Run the Argent AT setup package to install Argent Enterprise:

The rule of thumb is as follows:

  1. Install Control Center with other Argent AT Main Engines.
  2. Install Domain Observer with Argent AT Daughter Engines.
  3. Install remote Segment Inspector if a network segment cannot be seen from the Domain Observer.
  4. You do not have to install Argent Enterprise if it is a central Argent AT installation with a simple CMDB-X.

With Argent Enterprise installed, a newEnterprise Networkbar will appear on the main GUI of every product.

To promote a normal installation to Argent Non-Stop Monitor, use the following context menu as follows:

To install a push-out Segment Inspector, use the context menu as well.

Specify the installation parameters, then click OK to complete: