Argent for Compliance

Argent for Compliance provides three features to ensure customers stay compliant:

Proactive Monitoring

Instead of waiting for issues to occur, Argent for Compliance allows customers to keep an eye on events as they are unfolding

For example, monitoring if there are numerous, repetitive Event ID 529s or 4625s allows administrators to take action, ban a user or IP address before a brute force hack becomes successful

Similarly, monitoring Linux/Unix message logs, SYSLOGs, IIS logs, SQL Server logs, and iSeries logs for warnings can prevent catastrophes before they have the chance of reaching a critical point

With Argent’s 15 different Alert types and robust customization, customers can ensure they are notified well in advance

Data Archiving

All data relating to compliance needs to be retained with the capability of being analyzed.

With Event Logs (or any log for that matter), data bloat can become a major nightmare for daily backups, poor reporting performance, and just a general feeling that the data being collected is a complete mess to sort through

With Argent for Compliance, Security Logs are carefully and intelligently analyzed, and only the pertinent information is parsed into different fields in the database

The database structure has been carefully designed for maximum performance for reporting and minimizes the growth of the database

Instant Best Practice Reporting For All Compliance Acts

When an auditor arrives, Argent’s reports do the heavy lifting for customers

All reports are broken down by compliance act — Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, FISMA, etc.

Reports can be scheduled automatically to provide administrators with full visibility on who, what, and where changes occurred