SNMP Traps

SNMP Traps are unsolicited SNMP information packets sent from any SNMP-compliant device to Argent

By using Argent you can consolidate and optionally check all these SNMP Trap Rules into a central ODBC database. This is useful for diagnosis and essential for auditors.

SNMP Trap Rules allow customers to choose and filter on specific crtieria for monitoring, archiving or BOTH

When archiving data, the SQL Table Prefix should be kept as {default} (which is ARGSOFT_COMPLIANCE_)

All SNMP Traps are archived into the ARGSOFT_COMPLIANCE_LOG_ARCHIVE table

Argent for Compliance comes with General Best Practice Rules that can be modified or copied:


Archiving SNMP Traps


This Rule archives all SNMP Traps into Argent for Compliance

Customers can generate reports filtering by different devices, trap types and OIDs

SNMP Traps are the equivalent of a Windows Event Log or a Linux SYSLOG for a network device, and can be targeted or broadcasted