Argent for Exchange

The most significant aspect of the Argent for Exchange product is the use of a number of different approaches to monitoring Exchange – PowerShell, Exchange Management Shell, WMI, and classic Windows APIs are all used in different parts of the product. Think of Argent for Exchange as four or five discrete products all integrated into one super-product.

Complete Support for Exchange 2007

Customers’ Exchange 2007 environments are fully supported — Argent for Exchange is tightly integrated with the Exchange Management Shell, and it can automate all the Exchange administration work. Also, any future Microsoft update on Exchange can easily be added.

Customers can now monitor Exchange 2007 from the viewpoint of an end user – the product supports the complete set of client-access protocols used in Exchange 2007, namely:

  1. Round Trip Test
  2. MAPI interface, which is the default Exchange protocol for Outlook
  3. Outlook Anywhere, which is the mobile Exchange protocol for Outlook
  4. Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  5. Outlook Web Services

Exchange Baseline Monitoring

Customers can now monitor Exchange 2007 baselines including DNS, Active Directory, Service Health, System Health and System Messages.

Customers can also monitor Exchange 2007 mailbox server as a whole as well as the individual mailbox. The information is guaranteed to be consistent with the data reported by Exchange management tools.

In addition, customers can now monitor mail flow by directly analyzing message tracking log. We detect bad mail as well as providing statistics on traffic of individual account.

Exchange Infrastructure Monitoring

Customers can now monitor Exchange 2007 infrastructure especially the Transport functionalities.

Legacy Exchange Monitoring

With Argent for Exchange, customers can still monitor legacy Exchange 2003/Exchange 2000/Exchange 5.5 system through custom WMI rules, legacy protocol rules and legacy MAPI rules. This can help a smooth migration process.

PowerShell Integration

Customers’ .NET environments are fully supported by incorporating a powerful Argent PowerShell engine. Any custom Exchange script, either PowerShell or WMI, can easily be added.

Simplified Product Configuration

Product configuration is greatly simplified. No need to explicitly configure customer profiles, etc. Argent for Exchange also takes advantage of the auto-discover function in Exchange 2007 without tying to an explicit Exchange Client Access Server.

In contrast, in the old XT product, the customer had to configure customer profile, which was customer-specific and caused a lot of confusion when logon the customer used was different from service account.