SQL Tables

All discovered USB, CDROM and file system events are saved in SQL table ARGSOFT_SE_FS_EVENT.

Column Type Size Description
UUID varchar 36 Unique identifier
CREATE_TIME datetime Record creation time
MODIFY_TIME datetime Record modification time
MACHINE nvarchar 128 Workstation name
EVENT_TIME datetime Event time
Others – Fixed Hard Drives
OBJECT_TYPE int 1 – Directory
2 – Device
Others – Regular File
FILE_PATH nvarchar 512 Path for the relevant file or folder
WHO nvarchar 256 User that causes the event
OPERATION int 1 – USB detached or CDROM ejected

2 – File created

3 – File deleted

4 – File renamed

5 – File changed

Others – USB attached or CDROM loaded

OWNER nvarchar 256 Who created this record
CRC_HIGH int Record CRC high dword
CRC_LOW int Record CRC low dword