Argent SuperMaps

The Argent SuperMaps facility allows you to view the status of the entire enterprise in a graphical fashion. Any type of image can be used — geographical maps, data center diagrams, even corporate schematics (such as Visio diagrams).

Any JPEG, BMP, or DIB format can be used.

Each dot on the Argent SuperMap represents either a geographical location, a Monitoring Group, or an individual server or device.

The status of the represented item is displayed as red, orange, yellow, or green dots.

By default, a blinking red dot represents a critical event. A blinking orange dot represents a medium-priority event. And a blinking yellow dot represents a low-priority event. A solid yellow dot represents an event that’s been answered or resolved. And a solid green dot represents an item with no registered events.

Individual Argent SuperMaps can be hot-linked together, allowing you to effectively zoom in and see more details graphically. Hot links are made to other Argent SuperMaps, or even to a URL.

Left-clicking on a hot link takes you down a level, while left double-clicking brings you back up a level. You have full control over text alignment and color.

Adding Your Own Map

You can add and customize maps or corporate schematics to the Argent SuperMaps in the Administration, “Argent SuperMaps” area.

To add an Argent SuperMap, first get the desired graphic in JPEG, BMP, or DIB format, and click on Add to browse to your file.

After selecting the graphic, geographical locations, Monitoring Groups, or individual servers or devices can be added, and hot links can be added to link the new Argent SuperMap to other Argent SuperMaps or URLs.