Configuring Email

Your email servers are configured in the Email tab of the Argent Console Administration area.

Argent supports two types of messaging protocols – MAPI and SMTP.


You must have Outlook installed on the same machine as Argent for SharePoint, and a profile must be created using the Argent service account.

If you don’t do this step, Email Alerts won’t fire in production, as the service account can’t see the profile.


SMTP simply needs the fields filled in with a valid SMTP server.

The main requirements are the Logon Account, Password, SMTP Gateway, and Primary Sender Domain.

The Logon Account affects what the sender’s email address will look like.

For SMTP servers with no authentication required, you can type in any arbitrary password (it will not be used)

For example:

Logon Account:    Administrator
Password:    1234
SMTP Gateway:
Primary Sender Domain:

This would cause emails to be sent FROM

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