Argent’s CMDB-X is an extensible database of servers and devices in your environment.

CMDB-X provides complete network discovery of all servers and TCP/IP devices.

Network Discovery

Right-click anywhere and choose Scan Network.

This brings up a screen (D12) with a list of network scanning mechanisms:

  • Active Directory

    Argent polls the Active Directory to provide a list of all registered devices.

  • Network Browser

    The network browser uses the Computer Browser service to perform network discovery.

  • ICMP Ping

    This method does an IP scan across an entire IP range, and comes back with a list of IPs that responded to it.

  • Windows Cluster

    This method finds all machines in a named cluster.

  • SNMP Discovery

    This method walks through your entire network looking for SNMP devices that respond to a specific Query OID.

After adding devices manually or via the scan, double-clicking on a device brings up various properties: