Argent for Sybase

Argent for Sybase provides Instant Best Practices for monitoring Sybase ASE database servers

Argent for Sybase monitors all the important performance indicators of Sybase ASE database server and notifies through Alerts, if the performance metrics are beyond a given threshold

Argent for Sybase supports Sybase ASE database installed in UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms

With the Argent for Sybase the following areas are included:

  • Custom Query Rule
  • Sybase Capacity Rule
  • Sybase Availability Rule
  • Sybase Disk I/O Rule
  • Sybase Kernel Rule
  • Sybase Data Cache Rule
  • Sybase Procedure Cache Rule
  • Sybase Metadata Rule
  • Sybase Database Rule
  • Sybase Network Rule
  • Sybase Error Logs Rule
  • Sybase Active Transaction Rule
  • Sybase Wait Event Rule
  • General Statistics Rule

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