Turbo Mode

When Turbo Mode is off (default), VMware object is monitored one by one within monitoring engine process. As mentioned earlier, PowerCLI is an expensive API set. When dealing with large VMware environment, user usually observes following symptoms:

  • Schedule tasks run severely late. For example, a VM is scheduled to be monitored every 10 minutes, the task is actually executed once every hour or even longer.
  • vCenter is flooded with a lot of sessions (>50). In some extreme cases, vCenter can crash or become unresponsive.
  • Argent for VMware main engine or trusted agent constantly uses a lot of CPU cycles.

Turbo Mode is implemented to address just that.

When Turbo Mode is turned on, VMware performance data is retrieved in batches and cached locally. As a result, say a Relator associates with 100 VMware objects; A single call of PowerCLI is used for the first object, and all other objects only need to read local cache.

Turbo Mode works best if there are many licensed VMware objects. If user only monitors a few objects in a large environment, it apparently helps little to download performance data of all other VMware objects that are not monitored.

Check option to turn on Turbo Mode.

Use Relator Testing to see the difference of Turbo Mode on and off.

Note: The GUI can run a lot longer than the time in the log. It is because the time in the log shows only the time spent by monitoring engine process, not the total time that GUI reads the WO results and displays the progress.