Argent Guardian Ultra

The Argent Guardian Ultra is the world’s most scalable monitoring solution for all Windows, UNIX, and iSeries applications, monitoring the health and performance of all critical business applications through a unique architecture – Argent provides the same level of monitoring with or without agents, and there is no cost difference.

When issues arise, actions are taken by the Argent Console to correct the issue and to alert the appropriate people.

Because Argent is completely cross-platform, it monitors multiple aspects of your critical applications to help pinpoint key areas of failure.

Argent goes far beyond just checking CPU busy.

Argent provides Application Assurance.

Here are just a few of the areas you can monitor with Argent:

  • Monitor the health of Active Directory
  • Check the availability of your Blackberry environment
  • Logon to a Citrix farm
  • Verify BIND DNS zone transfers are working
  • Simulate interaction with a SPAM filter
  • Ensure the DHCP address pool is sufficient