Status Rules

The status Rules allow you to monitor the status of various aspects of your iSeries systems, such as subsystems and system objects.

The Argent Guardian Ultra includes a number of pre-built iSeries Rules for status monitoring.

For example, AS400_SBS_NOT_ACTIVE breaks if any subsystem is not active.

Another very useful pre-built iSeries Rule is AS400_SYSOBJ_NIC_ABNORMAL.

This Rule breaks if any network interface is failed, damaged, or in some unknown state. That way, if any of the NICs in your iSeries system go awry, you’ll know.

Of course, any of these Rules can be customized to monitor only the subsystems or system objects that you care about. By copying the original Rule (right-click and choose Copy, then enter a new name), you can make the adjustments you want without losing the original.