W200x Rules

Argent comes with over 2,500 pre-defined Rules.

This is one reason Argent can be fully implemented to monitor 250 servers in just a few days – everything you need is built into the product.

And there is no ‘chatter’ with Argent – Rules are not all enabled by default, so you won’t be flooded with thousands of meaningless alerts.

Argent Application monitoring is entirely extensible, but a short list of common, supported applications might include: Active Directory, Apache, Blackberry, BIND, Citrix, DHCP, DNS, FTP, IIS, ISA, J2EE, Notes, SAMBA, Sendmail, Sharepoint and WebSphere.

You can view Argent Rules either by Application or by Class.

Applications monitored with Argent are:

  • Active Directory
  • AIX
  • ARCserve
  • AS400
  • BackupExec
  • BlackBerry
  • Clusters
  • DB2
  • Domino
  • HP-UX
  • ISA
  • Linux
  • MailMarshal
  • MetaFrame
  • Network
  • Notes
  • Oracle
  • Printers
  • SANs
  • SCO
  • Solaris
  • W200x Baseline Rules
  • WebLogic
  • WebSphere

Rules by Class are: