An Alert is used to either notify you and others of issues, or to take corrective actions

For example, an Alphanumeric Pager Alert can send details of why a Rule was broken, the value causing the Rule to be broken, as well as the server with the issue

An example of a corrective Alert is when a SQL Alert runs a SQL Query to correct an issue on a SQL database

If a SQL Transaction Log becomes too large for example, then an Alphanumeric Pager Alert and an Email Alert can be fired, but also a SQL Alert can be executed to run a SQL Query to reduce the size of the SQL Transaction log

In this way, Argent first alerts you of the presence of the issue and then corrects it

Alert Escalation

A powerful and popular feature of Argent is Alert Escalation

Alert Escalation enables you to define a series of alerts

For example, if the first Alert is not answered with a certain time, say 10 minutes, a second Alert is then sent

An unlimited number of additional Alerts can be sent, until the issue is corrected

This means no critical issue is ever missed

In addition, once the broken Rule is back within bounds additional Alerts can be fired to cancel the original Alphanumeric Pager Alert and Email Alert

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