KBI 220152 Administrator Privileges For The Argent Job Scheduler




9 Aug 2002


By default any member of the “Domain Administrators” or “Local Administrators” are considered as an Administrator on the Argent Job Scheduler.

The registry key ADMIN_GROUP can be used for tuning.

Technical Background

This Scheduler Administrator permission will override any permission set within the Argent Job Scheduler or the Argent Queue Engine.


The Argent Job Schedulers administrator definition can be tuned using the following settings for the registry key ADMIN_GROUP:

If ADMIN_GROUP = 0, any member of ‘Domain Administrators’ and ‘Local Administrator’ is Administrator.

If ADMIN_GROUP = 1, only member of ‘Local Administrators’ is Administrator.

If ADMIN_GROUP = 2, only member of ‘Domain Administrators’ is Administrator.