KBI 220159 Error-System Time Clock Has Been Adjusted


4.0A-0208 and prior releases


25 Sep 2002


Sporadic entries are displayed within the Queue Engine SVC_LOG with the following message:

System Time Clock Has Been Adjusted. The field LastAccessTime of Job process table for Jxxxxxx is ignored.

Technical Background

This issue can be caused by two conditions.

  • The system is under stress and the job loader process cannot read/write the job status file quickly enough.
  • There are too many .jde files causing the processing of the directory information to take a long time.

Three options are available to resolve this condition:.

  • Upgrade to 0208-T1 code which has been adjusted to compensate.
  • Reduce the Job Retaining Time for .jde files and empty the directory.
  • Warning message may be ignored if only occasional occurrences are found.