KBI 220227 Argent Defender Cannot Submit Alerts To Argent Console




27 Jul 2004


When the Argent Defender and the Argent suite are installed on separate servers, available Alerts from the Argent Console cannot be seen from within the What To Do (Alerts) tab of a Test.

Instead an error message is displayed:

“Failed to get alert information from the Argent Console server xxx.”

even though the correct server under the System Options tab is selected.

Technical Background

In order for the Argent Defender to properly interface with the Argent Console, the Argent Defender registry value

named XT_Interface must be set to 1 and the AAC_FireAlert.DLL needs to be installed and registered locally.

This DLL is installed by the Argent Console.


  1. Close the Argent Defender GUI

  2. Verify and change, if necessary, the Argent Defender registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Defender\XT_Interface to 1

  3. Install the Client GUI for the Argent Console on the server that the Argent Defender resides on.

    This will properly install and register the AAC_FireAlert.DLL file locally.

Now Alerts from the Argent Console can be views from within the Argent Defender What To Do (Alerts) tab.