KBI 220281 Argent Predictor Data Is Not Being Saved




18 Oct 2004


No performance statistics are being saved, even though the option “Save Performance Data To The Argent Predictor” is selected in the Performance Rule.

Technical Background

This is mostly likely because the monitored devices have not been added to the Argent Predictor license.


The Customer may have added the monitored devices to the licensing for the Argent Guardian component, without realizing that they also need to add it to the Argent Predictor licensing.

Open the Main GUI for the Argent Console, select the Administration icon on the left of the screen, select the License Manager icon in the upper middle of the screen, and select the Licensed Servers tab at the lower right.

Then drag the servers to license from the upper right window labeled “Cataloged Servers and Devices” into the lower window labeled “Licensed Argent Predictor Servers/Devices”.