KBI 220311 CodeBase Limit Is Exceeded Due To Argent Predictor Data




11 Nov 2004


When using a CodeBase backend for the Argent, an error message indicating the 100 MB limit has been exceeded will pop-up, even though little or no historical data is being collected.

Technical Background

When a CodeBase backend is used, each product has a 100 MB limit.

All production servers must use a SQL Server or Oracle database.

However, by default, the Argent Console continually keeps Argent Predictor data on items such as Failed Alerts Per Hour, Fired Alerts Per Hour and Records Added Since Midnight.

After time, this data will exceed the CodeBase limit of 100 MB.


As a proactive measure, set the ‘Day Limit For Keeping Argent Predictor Data’ field to a three days.

This option can be found for each product by clicking the Administration icon, then selecting the Main Engine icon.

If the 100 MB CodeBase limit has already been exceeded, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Close the Main GUI and any client GUI sessions

  2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the following directory:


  3. Set the Folder view to Details and sort the files by Largest to Smallest size.

    Typically, the two largest files will be the PRD_SLAV.MDX and PRD_SLAV.DBF.

    If this is not the case, please use the Argent Instant Help button at the end of this article and do not proceed any further.

  4. Remove these files from the DBF directory. Copying them to a temp directory is recommended for backup purposes.

  5. Restart the Main GUI. The PRD_SLAV.MDX and PRD_SLAV.DBF will be recreated to their original sizes.