KBI 220506 ODBC Errors When SQL Server Name Changes


Argent Job Scheduler ALL


26 Mar 2007


When installing Argent Job Scheduler to SQL Server back-end, the Queue Engine installs correctly, however the Job Scheduler installs with an error:

“The cursor does not include the table being modified or the table is not updatable through the cursor.”

The Customer clicks OK and the installation terminates.

Launching the Job Control Panel produces the same error.

Technical Background

This error appears to be caused by either renaming the SQL Server or copying the master database from one machine to another.


Check if the server has been renamed or copied from another machine, run this query in SQL Server Enterprise Manager(2000) or SQL Server Management Studio (2005):

select @@servername

If the results don’t match the name of your server follow these steps:

exec sp_dropserver

exec sp_addserver , local

Restart SQL Server services

Ensure the server name is now correct with select @@servername

Screenshot of Error: