KBI 220651 Graphing Cisco Bandwidth Usage With Argent SNMP Monitor


Argent SNMP Monitor of any version


16 January 2007


Graphing Cisco bandwidth usage with the Argent SNMP Monitor

Technical Background

A common use case with the Argent SNMP Monitor is graphing average bandwidth usage per interface on a Cisco router.


The Argent SNMP Monitor was designed with this capability in mind. The built-in Rule SNMP_CISCO_IF_IO_BPS_MVAVG gathers the “Five-minute exponentially decayed moving average of [input/output] bits per second” for a single Cisco interface.

Once that data is collected in the Argent Predictor database, there is both graphical and summary reporting available for various time intervals. Reports can be sent out on an automated schedule to either a list of email recipients, or to a UNC path/FTP server.

Other metrics, such as router memory and CPU usage, have corresponding Rules (SNMP_CISCO_MEMORYPOOLUSED and SNMP_CISCO_CPU_5MIN_AVERAGE), and can be summarized in a similar way.