KBI 220713 AMC.exe Has Issues Upon Entering Relators Section


Argent Guardian 8.0A-0701


15 June 2007


Lower case characters in a Relator groups folder causes AMC.exe to have issues. Upon clicking on Relators from the outlook-style bar in Argent Extended Technologies, AMC.exe will have issues and enter an event in the application log. The Event will contain a failure in a dll (AGview.dll, ALCview.dll, etc).

Technical Background

Lower case characters in Relator groups were seen after an upgrade from 8.0A-0601 to 8.0A-0701.

Click on Rules and expand the Relators section manually — should be able to navigate through each Relator group as long as the Relator folder (or any Relator group folder) is not clicked.


Preserve the existing Relator group structure by taking a screen shot.

Create a new Relator group and drag all Relators into the new sub-folder (minus Relators that are currently in groups that do not have lower case characters).

Refresh the screen by closing the GUI (or selecting reports, history, or administration from the left menu).

Click on Relators from the left menu — should not have any issues. Re-create the old Relator group structure from the screen shot.