KBI 220746 Remote GUI Installation For A 64-Bit Windows Argent Server


Argent Console 8.0A-0707D


18 October 2007


KBI: Remote GUI Installation For A 64-Bit Windows Argent Server

Technical Background

The 64-bit edition of Windows Server 2003 has implemented the registry in a way that affects the ability for 32-bit clients to read registry values. This is a Microsoft issue. More details are found in Knowledge Base article 896459.

This impacts an installation of the Remote Console GUI on a 32-bit workstation or server when the main Argent server is on a 64-bit server. At Remote GUI install time, the following message is shown:

For text searching, this message is Server ‘argentvmjoe’ is not a Argent Console main engine.


A workaround is to provide a copy of the registry tree from the WOW6432 copy to the place the 32-bit client is expecting it to be.

With a 32-bit regedit client, such as the one on the Remote GUI machine, connect to the main server and copy the entire tree




The install of the Remote GUI should then succeed.

This has been logged as an Issue Report and will be resolved in a future release.